Adults Workshop

Bespoke Workshops

Designing your own programme is the most optimal way to get exactly what you want, when you need it. While designing a bespoke program for your children is exciting and rewarding, Moonfame is here to support you as well. Perhaps you seek a business strategy workshop in a relaxing environment such as the beach, a make-up tutorial for an inclusive spa day, or a public speaking workshop for your team spearheaded by a hand-picked expert; we can cater to any need. 

Designing a workshop to meet your interests, talent and skills, or your desire to explore new horizons, is our pleasure. We pride ourselves on making sure you have access to the very best offerings to ensure you thrive and succeed.

Existing Workshops

You may want to choose from one of our wide array of existing workshops for a more affordable option. Conducted in an informal and fun environment, our existing workshops provide a fruitful community experience as well as networking opportunities to extend your formal learning.

Workshops on offer are constantly changing; please join our mailing list to keep up with our latest opportunities.