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Founded in 2015, Moonfame was inspired by Nouf Miteb’s quest to find activities to supplement her children’s education beyond the classroom. As well as activities to aid their learning and growth, Nouf wanted her children to explore their creativity and develop talents outside the regular curriculum. When other parents complained about a similar lack of choice for their own children, Nouf saw an opportunity to bridge the learning gap with Moonfame.

“Initially, children would work on projects at home before presenting them at group events designed to encourage entrepreneurial, financial and social skills,” says Nouf. “But even more importantly, the children would learn about giving back to the community.”

As Moonfame’s educational programs grew in popularity, so too did the scope and variety of the activities on offer. Then when COVID hit, Moonfame pivoted, successfully moving its programs online providing a lifeline for busy parents and children who want to achieve more out of learning and believe the sky is the limit!



Moonfame’s mission is to build a responsible, confident and self-driven generation through specially tailored programs that are educational and fun. Our goal is to inspire children to face the future with humility and strength. And what started out as a mission to provide exceptional courses for the younger generation has blossomed into supporting adults, as well. Moonfame is for everyone.



At Moonfame, we’re passionate about delivering robust, comprehensive and engaging platforms to complement your child’s existing educational curriculum. We want to encourage them to learn new skills and discover hidden talents to unlock their full potential. Moonfame also provides extended learning programs covering a wide variety of topics, all of which are designed to broaden your child’s horizons.



From creating the educational programs to tracking each course’s outcome, Moonfame monitors the entire process from start to finish. Our courses are specially designed by experts and leaders in their field to ensure the diverse needs of our students are always the top priority. And if a student is looking for a specific topic, course, or expert, Moonfame will work tirelessly to make it happen.



At Moonfame, we teach our students that the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving their life goals. We truly believe that our programs are out of this world, and the curriculum and skills we teach will inspire their journey, providing them with the confidence they need to succeed.


Moonfame can offer courses for any of the following topics and more!

Reading & Writing

Holy Quran & Islamiyat

Math & Science

Art & Drama

Public Speaking

Fitness & Mindfulness

Our collaborators

These are some of the esteemed institutions that provide specialist courses for Moonfame.