Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Moonfame was birthed to see creativity and talent flourish outside of a standard school-based curriculum. A passion to encourage children to lead their learning in an inclusive environment, in accordance with their interests and skills became Moonfame’s promise. Inspired by the vision of empowered children and innovative learning strategies, parents rallied behind this promise and Moonfame’s mission emerged. 

As Moonfame’s educational programs grew in popularity, so too did the scope and variety of the activities on offer. From workshops for both children and adults, bespoke playdates and vetted camps, to University Prep and more, Moonfame grew exponentially, never turning away from its initial concept; student led, inclusive, engaging learning opportunities for all. COVID-19 then propelled Moonfame into the online learning environment adding an entirely new international dimension to its portfolio, supporting anyone on their educational journey.

What We Do

Moonfame is an industry leader in creative, engaging and innovative learning opportunities for everyone. Our specialty is tailor making workshops and programs to enable students of all ages a place to flourish and succeed.

Consultancy is our secret sauce! We invest ample time in getting to know you, your interests, passions and goals. We search the globe to identify and hand-pick top-tier partnerships to ensure that we are providing you with robust, comprehensive and engaging platforms that reflect your specific needs.

Wherever you are in your educational journey, we are here to work with you, shape opportunities for you, and support you the entire way. Our focus is purely on the individual, and sets us apart from the rest.

Our collaborators

The are some of the esteemed institutions that provide specialist courses for Moonfame.