Non-Violent Communication Workshop

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Description :

The way we communicate can unite or divide. It can lead to understanding and clarity, or misinterpretation and conflict. We often interact based on judgment, criticism, and defensiveness, instead of empathy, understanding and dialog. We need a language that connects us. A language in which words matter and are used to express ourselves in ways that will make others more willing to understand us.

NVC is a language of collaboration that aims at building a better living for everyone. It helps us connect through empathy, curiosity and clarity. It teaches us how to ask for what we need, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions for everyone’s benefit. NVC stimulates the modeling of greater relationships with others and with oneself because it supports change on three interconnected levels: within self, between others, and within groups and social systems.

The workshop provides you with an introduction to the principles of NVC and how to apply them in day-day interactions at home, work, everywhere. You are offered an illustration of how NVC works and how empathetic communication can help everyone create a more collaborative environment within families and co-workers. We play together and engage in practical activities for a deeper understanding of the principles.

  • 6pm to 8:30pm
  • Adults
  • Al Mashtal Creative Space – Riyadh

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