Linked with top consultancies internationally, Moonfame will prepare and guide your children to educational success, whatever institution and pathway they choose. Technical courses, Ivy League Universities or Professional courses, we will work you, their best always in mind.

University Prep is all about holistic academic and character development. Our range of educators will guide you through social development, academic preparation and university application. With a focus on framing your extra-curricular activities and interests, Moonfame and our partner consultancies will support your child towards entrance into the Educational Institution of their dreams.

You are never too young to start preparing for your future, we will guide the way and together we can step-up the prep.

Fahad was in Grade 12 at Al Faris School in Riyadh. Film and media were his passion, and the big wide world his adventure field. Together with a Moonfame educator he prepared entrance essays, university applications and is now on his way to a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts at UC Berkeley. He’s flying the Moonfame banner high internationally, showcasing his country through film and media. What a rising star.