Current Programs

Moonfame programs provide fun, games and integrated learning for all. Combined with a common purpose, children will make friends and explore learning objectives, which will be with them for life. Our programs are an affordable way for you to edutain children in an environment where they interact socially with experimentation and guidance. Furthermore, our programs are constantly changing to reflect the evolving social and educational needs, interests, skills and desires of your children.

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Design your own program

Like a good pick and mix, designing your own programme is the best way to get exactly what you want, when you need it. Perhaps it’s French lessons with a French National, or practical Mathematics tutoring where Lego and pizza are the featured components? What about Playdates in the beautiful Saudi sun, or University Prep from lecturers from accredited International Universities online?

We can cater to all your requests; reaching for the Moon is our specialty.

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