Public & Bespoke Programs

With a plethora of public and bespoke programmes to choose from, we pride ourselves on providing the best learning opportunities for your children to learn and explore in a professional, safe, family friendly environment. Fun and engagement are at the heart of our offerings as students adventure, learn and thrive along the way. Our goal is to achieve the best for your child and ensure they are ready to soar into their future.

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Design your own program

Like a good pick and mix, designing your own programme is the best way to get exactly what you want, when you need it. Perhaps it’s French lessons with a French National, or practical Mathematics tutoring where Lego and pizza are the featured components? What about Playdates in the beautiful Saudi sun, or University Prep from lecturers from accredited International Universities online?

We can cater to all your requests; reaching for the Moon is our specialty.

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