Types of Consultancy


• Understand what kind of school you want/need for your child
• Get references for experts who can assess your child (educational and personality assessments)
• How to advocate for your child at school
• How to choose a school for your child
• Get parent to parent feedback on the schools you are interested in
• Research and rate a school or schools you are interested in
• Consult you with the right tutor
• How to choose the right Enrichment and After School Activities for your child
• University Guidance for your child in US and UK


• Understanding what kind of nanny, you need
• How to choose the right agency for you
• How to find a nanny on your own, without an agency
• How to interview and screen you nanny
• Create a personalized nanny manual for your nanny
• How to write a contract between you and your nanny
• How to give feedback and set boundaries with the nanny form day one
• Nanny training for nannies of all levels. This can cover cultural sensitivity training to basic nanny training.

About Our Consultants

Nouf Miteb

Nouf Miteb is a CEO and business founder who specializes in children’s educational development and communication. She is also the Co-Founder of Moon Community Club (MCC).
Based in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Nouf founded Moonfame (named in honour of her two children, Bader and Seeta) in 2016, with a focus on promoting family bonds and helping children thrive through tailored programmes and expert-led skills workshops.
Prior to starting her own businesses, Nouf honed her entrepreneurial skills in high-profile business development and marketing roles at several multinational corporations, including CISCO, Ericsson and Marconi.
When she’s not working and prioritising the needs of her family, Nouf is a keen tennis player and enjoys HIIT workouts and Pilates.

Bessma bint Bader

Bessma bint Bader has worked in the education and childcare sector for the last 12 years. Bessma joined the board of Saut Down Syndrome school in 2010 and has focused on awareness and school development. She is currently the acting CEO of the society and is supporting the school in its move towards using tech to streamline the classroom and Saut teaching method.

In 2014 Bessma was the cofounder of The Playroom children’s center catering to children from 6 months to 5 years of age. The main focus being enriching the children’s Arabic language, promoting creativity and fostering independence.

Bessma is an Erickson Certified and Peaceful Parenting coach. She is an avid writer contributing to sites such as world moms network and Moms 360 where she writes about her life as a mother of 5 children.

Bessma also joined the board of trustees of the King Khaled Foundation in 2020.